Searching reels for “Red Haired Lass”

  1. The Red Box (Felix Kearney’s) reel
  2. The Red Bee reel
  3. The Red Star Line reel
  4. The Red Gap reel
  5. The Lansdowne Lass (The Lansdowne Lasses) reel
  6. I Had A Lass Till I Ran At Her (Ha’d The Lass Till I Run At Her) reel
  7. The Lansdowne Lass (The Landsdowne Lass) reel
  8. Red House (The Red House In Cardiff) reel
  9. Red Roofed Cottage (The Red Roofed Cottage) reel
  10. Gin I Had A Bonny Lass (‘Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass) reel