Searching reels for “Red Haired Lass”

  1. The Red-Haired Lass (Ag Lomairt Na gCaorach) reel
  2. The Fair-haired Lass (Ciaran Kelly’s) reel
  3. The Fire-Haired Boy reel
  4. The Twirly Haired Girl reel
  5. The Black Haired Lad (Black Hair’d Lad) reel
  6. Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass (Hey Ho! My Bonnie Lass) reel
  7. Da Lass Dat Made Da Bed For Me (Da Tief Upon Da Lum) reel
  8. A Bonny Lass To Merry Me (A Bonny Lass To Marry Me) reel
  9. The Lass O’ Patie’s Mill (The Lass O’ Pattie’s Mill) reel
  10. If I Get A Bonnie Lass (If I Get A Boanie Lass) reel