Searching reels for “Red Haired Lass”

  1. The Red-Haired Lass (Ag Lomairt Na GCaorach) reel
  2. The Fair-haired Lass (Belfast) reel
  3. The Twirly Haired Girl reel
  4. The Black Haired Lad (Black Hair’d Lad) reel
  5. The Fair Haired Boy (The Fair-Haired Boy) reel
  6. The Blackhaired Lass (The Black Haired Lass) reel
  7. The Lass That Made The Bed For Me (Bruntfoot) reel
  8. The Green Gowned Lass (Cailín An Eadai Deas) reel
  9. The Lansdowne Lass (The Landsdowne Lass) reel
  10. Piper’s Lass reel