Searching reels for “Sporting Paddy”

  1. Sporting Paddy (Castle Guillou) reel
  2. Harvest Ricks (Sporting Paddy) reel
  3. Sporting Molly (The Jackdaw’s Nest) reel
  4. The Sporting Boys Of Scotstown (The Sporting Lads Of Scotstown) reel
  5. Sporting Nell (Gorman’s) reel
  6. The Sporting Days Of Easter (Arty McGlynn’s) reel
  7. Sporting Galway reel
  8. Paddy Hayes’ (Paddy Hayes’ Selection No. 1) reel
  9. Paddy Fahey’s (The Ould House) reel
  10. Paddy Fahey’s (Paddy Fahy’s) reel