Searching tunes for “The Munster Lass”

  1. The Munster Lass (Munster Lasses) jig
  2. The Star Of Munster (The Bright Star Of Munster) reel
  3. Munster Buttermilk (Ladies Squeeze Your Thighs) jig
  4. The Munster (The Best In The Bag) jig
  5. The Czar Of Munster reel
  6. A Munster jig
  7. Munster Buttermilk (The Boats Of Killaloe) jig
  8. The Munster Cloak (An Ḟallaigín Ṁuiṁneaċ) waltz
  9. The Munster Hop reel
  10. Munster Grass hornpipe