Searching tunes for “Wise Maid”

  1. The Wise Maid (All Around The World) reel
  2. The Wise Maid reel
  3. Michael Gallagher’s Fancy (The Wise Maid) reel
  4. The Maid Behind The Bar (The Barmaid) reel
  5. The Maid That Tends The Goats (Brown-haired Goatherdess) strathspey
  6. The Merry Maid’s Wedding (Merry Maid’s Meeting) strathspey
  7. The Maid Of The House reel
  8. The Miller’s Maid (Cailín An Mhuilleora) reel
  9. The Kitchen Maid jig
  10. My Pretty Fair Maid (An Cailin Deasdonn) jig