Searching tunes for “An Cl��r Bog D��il”

  1. The Bog Of Gight (The Bag O’ Gight) strathspey
  2. The Rattlin’ Bog (Bog Cotton) polka
  3. The Geese In The Bog (The Geese In The Bogs) jig
  4. The Moving Bog (Miss Wallace) reel
  5. The Bog Road reel
  6. Man In The Bog (An Fear Ar An Chaoráin) jig
  7. Spring In The Bog (Gneeveguilla) slide
  8. The Fog In The Bog jig
  9. Coming Home From The Bog (The Gardener’s Daughter) reel
  10. The Rover Through The Bog (An Fánaí Fríd An Phortach) hornpipe